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Welcome to the wonderful world of webinars - a place where it's all about you! About you getting the most from your online meetings and events, about you providing your presenters with as many resources as possible and about you being able to access a wealth of information, education and inspiration as you make your way through the webinar journey.

Whether you're a complete novice or gushing guru, this site has been designed to provide you with everything you'll ever need. Research and tips for a variety of marketing or educational applications, access to The Presenter Centre - complete with training modules and helpful handbooks, information on the many webinar choices available to you and regularly updated on-demand webinars on an unlimited range of topics!

The Presenter Centre

It’s no secret that presenting online is a completely different experience than presenting face to face. For many, the introduction of technology can serve as a communication barrier and the lack of feedback and body language only eliminates interaction and engagement otherwise experienced in a live capacity.

The Presenter Centre is your one stop shop for all your presentation needs. Whether you’re organising a live event, presenting for the first time or looking to refresh your online skills, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time which is why this content is all yours!

Get to Know Redback

Redback Conferencing is an Australian Conferencing Service Provider that dramatically improves the way organisations meet, present and collaborate at a distance. We deploy the latest Webinar, Webcasting, Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Videoconferencing technologies to thousands of Australian businesses all while delivering an unmatched level of support, ease of use and peace of mind. Redback is a supplier of choice because we provide conferencing services that are simple, secure and cost effective.

Our objective is to build a business where our employees find it to be a great place to work at. If we can do that, our customers will find it a great place to do business with. Our Purpose is to deliver simplicity and peace of mind to organisations throughout Australia. We are here to be recognised as the market leader in our field. Our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to help 5,000,000 Aussies meet at a distance and we are well on the way! Through exceptional Customer Service, innovative technologies and a clear vision, we have earned a leadership position within the online collaboration space.

Latest Content

Webinars vs. Webcasts and Key Trends

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Ok, it's about time we break through the jargon! Uncover he differences between the platforms, features and funtionality and be inspired by key trends and predictions! In this session we discuss: ✚ The differences be...

The Planning Stages – Before Your Online Event

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Everything suddenly seems so daunting... where do you even begin? This session uncovers the key elements needed when it comes to the pre-production phase. ✚ Tips for selecting your topics, times and presenters ✚ Set...

The Planning Stages – During Your Online Event

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"I'll have what she's having!" When hosting your online events it's important to consider your audience, presenter and topic... different event call for different formats. In this section we walk you through best prac...

The Planning Stages – After Your Online Event

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What will you do once your event is over? What will be your Call To Action? In this session we uncover the importance of your online hosting options, exit strategy and follow up plan. ✚ Your follow up and recording o...

Marketing Your Online Event

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It's clear that a lot of planning needs to go into marketing your webinars and webcasts. But, how different is it to marketing a physical event, what do you need to be aware of? ✚ The platform, features and functiona...

Presenter Tips

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It's important to remember that presenting in the online environment is completely different to that of a face to face event. We all know that knowledge, engagement and passion are incredibly important skills to have ...

Measuring Your Return on Investment

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It's all well and good to deliver seamless webinars and webcasts, but what about measuring your Return On Investment? How do we know what has and hasn't worked and what reporting do we have access to? ✚ Your Goal vs....

A Very Redback Christmas!

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It's that time of year again - time to get together, share our achievements and celebrate 2015. Thanks for all your support - here's to a fantastic 2016!

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How to avoid being ‘that’ person – Controlling Your Conference Calls

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Seamless conference calls = happiness all around and productivity! Not so seamless conference calls = eye rolls, grunts, shoulder shrugs and a reputation of being ‘that person’ – that person who “wasted 30 minutes of ...

Your Conferencing Account Management Portal

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Downloading conferencing usage reports and recordings, editing moderator controls, keeping up to date with International Toll Free Numbers – wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to do this all in one convenient place? ...

Prepare Your Webinar Attendees – Here’s Your Free 2 Minute ‘What to Expect’ Video!

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It’s important to remember that your webinar audience may not be familiar with the concept of webinars – so how can you prepare them, put them at ease and give them an idea of what to expect? Download and share the vi...

Looking to implement Teleconferencing? 7 Tips for Managing Resistance

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Deciding to switch from the car to the conference can sometimes be a battle – sure, you understand the benefits and how much of a positive difference it will make, but how do you get buy in and implement it across the...

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Webinars that make you go WOW!

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Michael Bunker and Sara Gonzalez. New features and new tools for the New Year! Looking to take your webinars up a notch in 2014? Take a look at the new features, layout options and tips that will be sure to WOW during...

“Don’t think Danoz Direct”… and more tips for Lead Generation Webinars

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When done correctly Lead Generation Webinars can be extremely powerful – think about this, you have the ability to expose your product or service to potentially thousands. And the best part? Organising a location to p...