Digital Events – Tips, Trends and The Current Landscape

What does the current landscape of Digital Events look like? In this webcast we uncover the results from the 2017 Redback Report. Everything from which layouts are preferred to why your online audiences drop off.

Increasing Revenue and Attendance With Your Online Events

“How can I increase my attendance rates?” “Why can’t I make money from my webinars?” Ever had these thoughts run through your mind? In this webinar we discuss: - Marketing and sponsorship ideas - How to build and nurture an online

How to Host and Fill Up Your Webinars

In this webcast Robert Coorey interviews Sara Gonzalez on: ✙ The differences between a webinar and webcast ✙ Key trends - what can we expect in 2016? ✙ Planning - before, during and after your online event ✙ Tips for marketing your onli

Getting to Go: How to get your audience to take action

Whether you are conducting a face to face presentation or a webinar, your intention is to motivate your audience to take action. Be it to have them make a buying decision, approve your project, change their processes or whatever you need to achiev