Hosting Your Own Online Event


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  • Australian Veterinary Association

    Our members are located nationally which means that not all of them can attend our conferences and workshops. Webinars allowed us to bridge a gap and offer all of our members the opportunity to continue their professional development at an affordable cost.
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  • Sugar Research Australia

    There is always going to be scepticism at first but it’s important to stand by your decision, cover all bases and ask the right questions…I truly believe that anyone starting to work with the Redback team should be confident in their expertise and exceptional service.
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  • AuSAE

    Webinars have really mixed things up and allowed us to do some much more with our content. They have made such a huge difference in making our programs more interactive and as a result our audience is more engaged!
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  • PCOA

    I love the flexibility webinars offer when it comes to viewing time and location. It’s aslo great that they can be archived and viewed repeatedly making it so easy for people to access content when are where they want to. This also allows us to re-purpose our webinars when needed which is great bonus.
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  • MHPN

    There is a certain intimacy about the webinar platform that enables people to think they are privy to what is really a special conversation and I think that really resonates with people.
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