How to create a webinar presentation ?


For video as well as audio webinars, your presentation will be an important part. Your presentation represents the visual identity of your webinar. Since webinars are often used for lead generation and thought leadership, it seems normal to say that your webinar presentation needs to be professional and spotless.

You also should be mindful of the difference between a physical presentation, in a seminar or conference for instance, and an online presentation. Since the webinar is a digital media, attendees might not be at home or at work when they attend.

Therefore, some attendees will be in a noisy or uncomfortable place when they attend. It can also be the case that attendees will use their phone to participate which changes the experience. You also need to be aware that the attention of your attendees may be thin. For all these reasons, your webinar presentation is crucial to maximise the experience.


How to find your webinar presentation topic ?

The first question you can ask yourself is the following: is my topic relevant and interesting?

You should never assume that what you find interesting will be automatically interesting to your audience as well. You should ask people about the subject you are planning and get direct feedback. Webinars can be used in order to continuously ask the audience what is of interest for them and use this to improve your webinar planning.

Is my webinar topic timely?

When thinking about a subject, try to think about the actual events in order to be timely with your subject. You can easily integrate what’s happening around you or around a community in a webinar to make it more relevant.

When searching for your webinar presentation topic, ask a question. Questions resonate with people and will get them thinking about their own learning objectives. When using a question, you are putting yourself in the position to answer the question and solve a problem that your prospective buyer has.

Try to be up-front with people so that they know what they can take away from your webinar. Think about using lists and numbers since they spark curiosity and increase click-through rates. Lists make it easier for attendees to digest the information you are presenting. Using lists and numbers make it also easier for you to frame your topic in a number of different ways.

When finding your webinar topic, don’t forget to flip the equation on its head and take an alternative approach which can make the difference if you have competitors. Try to look for negative impacts to grab the attention of your attendees. Mapping the negative consequences of not doing something can be a powerful motivator to get people to register.


How to prepare your webinar presentation slides ?

When preparing your presentation deck or slides you will probably be using Microsoft PowerPoint of Prezi as a support. The slides will be the canvas for you to express your webinar topic. Like any other presentation, a webinar presentation needs to respect a few concepts in order to be interesting for your audience.

One of the ground rules in creating presentations is: less is more! Anyone can build a PowerPoint slide deck, but it takes time and concentration to communicate complex ideas and topics into a few concise slides. In general, we would advise you to limit the number of bullet points. This will maintain the audience’ attention and engagement. Keep the bullet points to a maximum of 15 words.

Always try to put yourself in the attendees’ shoes in order to make better slides. Never place a large amount of information on top of a picture as this will make it hard to read. With today’s thin attention span, you don’t want to make the error to make it hard for people to follow your webinar.

The PowerPoint format makes it easy to communicate visually. Don’t make the mistake of writing entire paragraphs on your slides. The general rule is to have more visuals and less texts. Pictures or videos are way more powerful in conveying an idea compared to sentences.

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to make an impact is to show, not tell. Visualise what you are trying to say and as an alternative to bullet points, use a single image.

If you have the budget, try finding original pictures to communicate your ideas and invest the time to integrate original graphs, charts, and histograms. Try different and shapes in order to grab the attention of your attendees. Get creative and consider displaying your information in bubbles, squares, or other shapes.

Before working on your webinar slides, pick a general colour theme (linked to your brand identity is a bonus) with 2 or 3 colours. You can use those colours throughout the slides in order to make your presentation stand out. Don’t be scared to experiment with bright colours and use icons to illustrate your main talking points.


How to create engagement in my webinar presentation ?

When presenting to a physical audience it’s easy to sense how engaged people are – are they looking at their phones? Are they nodding? However, in the online world, how do you know? Short answer, you don’t! It’s therefore critical that you understand who you’re talking to.

In order to understand your attendees, ask them what they are hoping to learn right from the beginning: the registration. With this feedback in hand, you can try and cover those points. Try to get information on the sectors you are talking to and use this as a conversation starter.

Make space in your webinar presentation for Q&A sessions. Q&A sessions are a great way to engage your audience and add substance to your event. Depending on your content, we recommend a few short Q&A sessions following each section of your presentation or an extended Q&A session at the end.

For short Q&A we advise you to limit your questions to be answered around 3 to 4. For longer Q&A sessions you can leave up to 10 minutes at the end of your webinar.

Some webinar providers have a chat feature built in their webinar software or platform. Throughout your webinar, your audience will be able to ask questions via a live chat box. This chat can help to create a community during the webinar, allow for information sharing and increase the flow of questions coming in. In order for attendees to feel even more comfortable, you can set the chat in private.

Polls and surveys can also drive engagement during your webinar. They can be used at any time and here are multiple settings to suit a range of purposes. Those surveys can be used as icebreakers at the beginning of the webinar to make everyone comfortable.

Surveys can be useful to gain valuable feedback. We suggest using a survey at the end of your presentation as a way to gain feedback on what your audience thought about the content of the your presentation, find out whether your audience would like more information about you or your organisation, see what improvements can be made for future events and discover whether learning objectives were met.


How to deliver the perfect webinar presentation ?

A webinar presentation needs to be prepared to be perfect. It is easy to forget that webinars are live video presentation which means that you need to behave like a presenter on TV. This means that you need to know how to behave on camera or on webcam to me more specific.

Use the inherent strengths and possibilities that are given when you are doing videos. Try to look straight at your webcam in order to behave like a normal face-to-face conversation. When using a camera, you need to be aware of visual aesthetics. When rehearsing for your webinar, it is essential to plan your visuals carefully and that includes you background. Think about adjusting your camera so that it’s giving a straight-on view of your face.

In terms of background it is better to avoid presenting in front of a window since the light is going to disturb the image. Try to avoid busy patterns or dangly jewellery which can distract a viewer.

You also need to prepare how to handle the engagement part of your webinar. Depending on the number of attendees, you may want to think about a system that makes it easier for them to participate in an organised manner. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re explicit at the beginning of the webinar and remind people periodically throughout, to avoid frustration or confusion.

Don’t forget to rehearse the webinar with your slide deck at hand in order to test the webinar software and get a good grip with the controls and features.

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