VIDEO: 3 Tips for building your webinar slide deck

Our 3 tips for building your webinar slide deck

Presentations are an important part of a webinar. But the way you are building a webinar presentation will differ from other types of presentation because you need to be aware of the online environment for which it is dedicated. Here are our tips for building your webinar slide deck:

Tip #1: Keep it simple

The simpler the visual aesthetics of your slides, the better for the audience. Remember that your presentation is more of a visual aid than the real deal during a webinar. We advise you to choose bullet points over paragraphs, single visuals over multiple images, and simple graphics over complex charts and spreadsheets. It’s important to be concise and focus on key facts and insights.

Tip #2: Use slides wisely

There is no precise rule on how to use slides for your presentation but in general practice expect to show one slide per one or two minutes of content. If you have too many slides in your presentation, it will be harder for your audience to keep track of the different topics.

 Tip #3: Use holding slides

Holding slides can be used during your presentation to integrate videos or polls. These slides are perfect to help keep you on track and make for a seamless transition but also for your attendees to be aware of what’s happening.


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