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VIDEO: 3 ways to boost engagement in your webinars
You know your content, you’re probably getting your slides in order, but how can you engage your online attendees?
VIDEO: 5 tips for taking questions in your webinars
Question sessions are a great way to keep webinars engaging, but what are your options? Let’s go through some!
VIDEO: Presenting from a studio? Watch this first!
We hear we’ll be welcoming you into our studios shortly. Here are some tips to ensure you maximise your time with us and engage your online audience.
VIDEO: 3 tips for taking polls in your webinars
Polling is a great way to create engagement in your events. But how can you use polls? Here’s some tips on what we’ve see work
VIDEO: Launching Polls in the Redback Platform
Learn to use to poll functionality on the Redback Connect presenter interface.
VIDEO: Advancing slides in the Redback Platform
Learn how to advance slides on the presenter interface here at Redback Connect.
VIDEO: How to log into the Redback Webinar Platform
Learn to log in to the backend of the presenter interface here at Redback Connect
VIDEO: 3 Tips for building your webinar slide deck
Your webinar is coming up and your next step is to create the slides - but how does your slide deck differ for the online environment? For webinars, slides are much more of a visual aid rather than a focal point - here’s some tips to get them right.
Webinars are still used as Lead Generation Magnets
Lead generation is the most common objective of webinar programs according to the 2020 State of Webinar Marketing study, nominated by more than one in three respondents (35%)—up from 24% last year

Webinar Stats 2

Usage of Webinars in Marketing is on the Rise
Almost 9 in 10 respondents (85%) to our second annual State of Webinar Marketing study say webinars are a key part of their marketing program, up from 70% in 2019—an increase of 21% in the past 12 months

Webinar Stats 1

We’re loving virtual events
30% of us now attend more than 10 webinars a month, that’s up from 2% in 2019. A further 34% of us attend between 6-10 virtual events a month

Webinar Stats 3

Tuesday wins us over
32% of us prefer to attend webinars on a Tuesday, closely followed by Wednesday at 32%

Webinar Stats 4

More voices please
Single presenter events are declining in popularity. 25% prefer webinars which include both a moderator and presenter and interactive audience Q&As are becoming more popular with 24% us us loving them !

Webinar Stats 5