Delivering Webinars in a Remote World


Suddenly, we’re all expected to be webinar experts!

The world shifted almost overnight and before we knew it we were setting up webinar backgrounds, presenting from any location and purchasing microphones with no audio knowledge whatsoever.

If you’re planning on presenting webinars from your home or office location in 2021, we’ve got all the tips to ensure you’re setup for success.

There’s some key rules to follow and essential tech tips that you need to know to ensure you and your online audience have an exceptional online experience.

Discussion Points will include:

  1. Setting yourself up at home/remote for successful live webinar delivery
    1.  Choosing the right location at home to present from
    2. • Positioning of your laptop and camera
    3. • Background tips
  2. The Essential technology needed to deliver from home – we will provide a live demo!
    1. Built in cameras vs USB cameras
    2. Built in microphones vs USB and Bluetooth headsets and microphones
    3. Internet connect, WIFI vs LAN
  3. Plan B for when technology issues come up
    1. Ensuring the show can still go on




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