VIDEO: Launching Polls in the Redback Platform

How do I launch a poll on the Redback Platform ?


Discover how to access your polls in the Redback Platform thanks to this video.

Once you are inside the webinar platform, you have your slides up and you want to launch a webinar poll and see the results. In the top bar of the Redback Platform, you have access to all the functionalities but the one that is important here is the “Poll Manager”.

Inside the Poll Manager you will access your Poll List with all the polls you’ve already created in the platform. To access an individual poll, you just click on the title to access the menu. There you can open your poll, close your poll and show results.

When you click on “Open” you will start a timer that indicated how long your poll is online during your webinar. The “Show Results” functionnality will show the poll results to your audience and make your webinar more interactive.

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