VIDEO: 3 tips for taking polls in your webinars

Our 3 tips for polling in your webinar

Polling is a great way to engage your audience during the webinar. A webinar poll is a virtual show of hands and gives you a great indication of what your audience is thinking and feeling. With our experience in the management of webinars, we can give you the following tips:

Tip #1: The Icebreaker

Webinars can be new for some attendees and polls during webinars even more so. It is therefore important to use polls at the right moment and with the right purpose. Using a poll right at the beginning of the session can help you in both ways: break the ice and get your audience familiar with the online platform. You can ask any question you want but the best questions at this stage are simple, non-formal questions to get as many people as possible to participate. Since you have control over the multiple choice responses so you can make it as funny or serious as you like.

Tip #2: The Before and After

Polls can be used in order to evaluate learning outcomes and opinions during the webinar. During your online CPD you can also ask your attendees their level of understanding at the beginning, and then at the end. This way you have a before and after opinion from you attendees and you can draw important conclusions from those polls. You can also get the satisfaction level of your audience before and after the webinar.

Tip #3: Use Polling instead of Surveys

While you have a dedicated audience watching your webinar, consider posting poll questions on how they are enjoying the webinar and the presenters. Polls have a greater submission rate to exit surveys.


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