VIDEO: 5 tips for taking questions in your webinars

Our 5 tips for taking questions during your webinar

When doing a webinar, you have to be aware that participation matters. Q&A sessions, live polling and live chat are all tools that can be used in order to make your webinars more entertaining. If doing interactive webinars, you have to be aware that the way you take questions matters. Here are the options that you have:

Tip #1: Take questions at the registration process

By calling for questions during the webinar registration process you are involving your attendees right at the beginning of the process and you buy yourself time. This way can help you formulate responses ahead of time or even refine the subject matter of your webinar if a lot of questions are submitted on the same topic.

Tip #2: Live polling

Live polling is one of the most effective ways to build some interaction into your webinar. In our experience, all webinars should include at least one live poll. When preparing for your webinar polling, you can prepare the questions in advance and offer multiple choice answers. Live polling is also the best way to get accurate answers and opinions from your attendees.

Tip #3: Live Q&A in private chat

The private Q&A session is the most used technique to get feedback from your attendees. In order to get the best from your live Q&A session, think about using a moderator and a facilitator to ensure you can focus on your content. You can also use those questions later in the transcript you give to the participants.

Tip #4: Live Q&A in public chat

Q&A’s can also be undertaken in public, for every attendee to see and participate. This format is open to everyone and is a great way to build a community. Since this is open to all, remember to keep your audience and topic in mind when using chats.

Tip #5: Submit questions via video

You can ask the audience to submit videos in advance to get content for your Q&A. Most of your attendees will be able to record a question on their laptop or phone and send in the file. Ask your webinar provider to play those videos during the Q&A session.


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