Webinar Introduction Script for Moderators and Facilitators – Template


When moderating or facilitating a webinar, it’s important to keep your introduction succinct and cover a few main areas.


Want to get your webinar program off the ground?



Here’s a template you can use for your next event. Feel free to edit as you wish!


Hello and welcome to today’s webinar, <webinar topic>.

Today is all about uncovering <webinar summary – 1 sentence max>.

Before we get started, I’m going to go through some housekeeping to ensure you can interact with myself and the speakers.

Firstly, if you wish to ask the presenters a question, please click on the blue raise hand icon on the top of the screen. These questions are private.

We also have an open chat feature enabled, to access this and chat with other online attendees, simply click on the purple icon.

We will also be launching a poll/polls throughout today’s webinar. We invite you to participate by selecting your responses when they appear on your screen.

And, if you experience any issues in hearing today’s webinar, please contact Redback Connect on 1800 733 416. Their support team will help you troubleshoot any issues.

I would now like to welcome our speakers for today.

Welcome – <speaker 1, speaker 2, speaker 3>. We are so glad you could be here today to share your insights on <webinar topic>.

<speakers to respond – thanks for having us>

Great – let’s get straight into the content… <begin>