Webinar Marketing Report 2020


Let’s uncover the state of webinar marketing in 2020 ! We share with you the results of our 2020 survey to uncover how webinar marketing is evolving in 2020. The changes with remote work and social distancing have forced us to adapt. Organisations are using more digital communications channel to engage and inform stakeholders and customers.

Marketers will invest more in webinar marketing for 2020 since it’s a great way to connect with people remotely using video to support a presentation. Businesses are trying to deliver high-quality, engaging messages via compelling digital events to audiences no matter the location.

What’s more, the advantages of webinars such as flexibility and cost-effectiveness will ring even more through with the contraction in marketing budgets for 2020. Webinars are a true alternative for costly physical events and conferences that you may have planned in 2020.