Webinar Software: Best of 2021


As we could see during 2020, webinar marketing has become a vital part of the marketing strategy for many businesses.

A lot of businesses are launching webinar programs because using webinar software is one of the best ways to engage with leads and move them down the sales funnel.

Here in Australia, webinars are also used extensively by associations, government agencies, and some companies for continuous professional development programs.

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Even though there is a lot of webinar software out there, hosting one can be difficult, especially if you are after high-quality content. The success of your webinar often depends on factors like internet connection, presentation, and overall equipment (microphone and webcam most notably).

We know that the market is so competitive that it is difficult to choose a webinar software. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the webinar software providers as well as the features, pros and cons of each platform.


Zoom is the webinar tool that exploded in terms of use in 2020 and for good reasons.

Zoom is a very good entry-level webinar and video conferencing software that is well adapted for first time users.

This tool is cloud-based, offers HD video and audio, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing.

During your webinar, Zoom records the session and keeps a backup of every session in the cloud for ready and instant access at a later time.

Zoom offers an integration with useful platforms that we use everyday like Google Calendar and Outlook which makes it easy to remember your webinar meetings.

Zoom offers different webinar plans according to the number of attendees you have. The plans start from 100 to 10.000+ attendees.

The features available will depend on the plan you choose but in general Zoom offers screen sharing from the presenters, Q&A, in-webinar chat, polling solutions, webinar performance reporting, mute/unmute function, whiteboarding, branded registration pages, pre and post-webinar reminder emails, post-event survey link, integration with some CRMs, integration with Facebook Live or YouTube as well as up to 50 sources tracking.

This is Zoom’s monthly pricing for their webinar software in AUD as of March 2021:

Zoom Pricing

Not in Australia? You can get the pricing for your country by using the following link:


Webex, or CiscoWebex as it’s also known, is a sister company to the big company that is Cisco.

With the investment from Cisco, Webex is a high-quality software that provides a good level of customisation, high-definition video and audio as well as chat features.

The main advantage of Webex over the competition is that it’s a software that can be operated across a company with a focus on multiple device accessibility. If you are a big company with a need for more digital collaboration, Webex is a good choice.

As with other providers, Webex offers different plans depending on what you need. There is a free plan that you can choose but be aware that you have access to one host only and that your meeting length is limited to 50 minutes. The business plan is priced at $37,95 AUD which is good price-functionality ratio considering what you can get.

This is Webex’s monthly pricing for their software in AUD as of March 2021:

Webex Pricing

Not in Australia? You can get the pricing for your country by using the following link:

Redback Connect

Redback Connect is the parent company for Webinars.com.au and is leading the Australian market when it comes to managed webinar services.

Redback Connect has developed its own independent solution for hosting webinars and the company is 100% Australian hosted.

The advantage you have by using Redback Connect software is that you are managed by a dedicated project manager from start to finish with dedicated technical support.

You have access to features such as Q&A, real time polling, live support for attendees, branded pages as well as a presenter briefing before the start of your webinar.

When choosing Redback Connect as your webinar software provider you also have access to dedicated webinar studios which add more professionalism into your webinar programs.

With Redback Connect, there are no plans, there is only one price as of March 2021: $1999 AUD

Not in Australia? You can get the pricing for your country by using the following link:


GoToWebinar is the webinar software solution of the LogMeIn Group which consists of the following different solution: GoToMeeting, GoToRoom, GoToConnect.

The GoToWebinar is one of the most advanced webinar automation platforms on the market. The highly automated process lets you concentrate on your content.

GoToWebinar is known for highly converting registration page, customisable webinar invitations and automated email reminders.

With this software you have the option to pre-record events and make them available on-demand. You also have access to market leading analytics and HD video quality. The strongpoint of this software is also the integration with Zapier, Salesforce and Unbounce for instance.

This is GoToWebinar’s monthly pricing for their software in AUD as of March 2021:

Gotowebinar Pricing

Not in Australia? You can get the pricing for your country by using the following link:


With the On24 software, you can create engaging journeys. On24 has a dedicated library for conversion and engagement tools.

The software also has a good back-end analytics that captures audience interest and buying readiness, as well as program and content performance. With this analytics solution they offer seamless CRM integration.

On24 also offers customisation for your registration and webinar pages.

As of March 2021, On24 requires you to submit a form to get a customised quote. We were therefore not able to get a pricing for their webinar software.

If you want to get a customised quote from On24; please follow the link below:


WebinarNinja has developed a very user-friendly platform. Thanks to this they have a software that let’s you create a new webinar very quickly.

This software let’s you choose between live, pre-recorded and hybrid webinars.

WebinarNinja is known on the market for very fast live chat, screen sharing and good email automation possibilities. WebinarNinja is also very adequate when you need to connect your webinar software to other apps you may be using in your business.

This is WebinarNinja’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Webinarninja Pricing



ClickMeeting is one of the most used software on the market. They are especially adapted to reach out to customers for training, product sales and marketing.

ClickMeeting is adapted for small and medium-sized businesses with a clever mix between marketing automation and customisation.

Your ClickMeeting software can be connected to Facebook and YouTube for more engagement during the webinar.

This is ClickMeeting’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Clickmeeting Pricing



BlueJeans is another provider that relies on a bigger company for their delivery. BlueJeans is part of Verizon.

Historically, BlueJeans was more focussed on video conferencing software but they have multiple offers.

One offer is BlueJeans Events. This solution is the leading software to deliver large scale virtual events for large audiences.

They are known for their live, interactive open forum where ideas can be exchanged, and huge audiences can share information.

With BlueJeans software you also have the capacity to host an event with 50.000 attendees which is huge.

BlueJeans has different plans for their Events software starting from $99 USD monthly for 100 attendees, $379 USD monthly for 200 attendees and $500 USD for 500 attendees.

This is BlueJean’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Bluejeans Pricing


Demio is a relatively new actor on the market. Their software offers marketing tools that are adapted to attract more leads.

Demio has also developed a good-looking platform with real-time, HD video quality. The Demio software has all features necessary for video conferencing.

Their pricing includes webinar setup, live chat support and storage for 100 recordings. If you are not sure that Demio is the right webinar software for you, they offer 14-day free trial.

This is Demio’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Demio Pricing


Livestorm is a very flexible software that works on a lot of different browsers. Their software is also accessible on all devices which is good for sales and product demos.

The Livestorm software offers a good email feature with automation tools and personalisation. It’s one of the only webinar platform that makes it very easy for your attendees to join the webinar.

The main features of this software consists of one-click invitation, screen-sharing and the ability to embed registration forms. You can also export your data directly on a CSV or XLS file.

This is Livestorm’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Livestorm Pricing



LiveWebinar is the perfect software if you need a high-capacity live streaming provider. With their solution, you can stream live videos, record your screen and do social media broadcasting.

The LiveWebinar software is easy to use, and the live stream can be done directly from your browser. It’s the only software that offers a large array of live streaming capability throughout social media channels: Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

This software can also give you the opportunity to integrate CTA’s during the webinar in order to trigger more conversions. You can also set up breakout rooms to split your webinar into smaller sessions.

This is LiveWebinar’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Livewebinar Pricing



EasyWebinar is a software that mixes efficiently webinar technology and marketing. With this software you have the possibility to stream to 100 attendees even on the basic plan.

If you are using WordPress, this software is the only one to allow a good integration. You can enjoy unlimited viewers if you are using YouTube Live Integration.

This is EasyWebinar’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Easywebinar Pricing


WebinarJam is a very good software if you have no technical knowledge in setting up webinars.

They are using technology that makes it easier to use on a number of different browsers.

This software offers a unique feature that increases engagement: pop-ups which allows them to buy your product or service right from the webinar. This webinar software is a good solution for your sales demos.

This is WebinarJam’s yearly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Webinarjam Pricing



Livestream offers strong software for big companies and institutes. Webinars from their solution work best when you already have a strong relationship with your audience.

You don’t need to worry about storage capacity of number of attendees since you have unlimited storage and number of attendees.

Livestream offers a high-quality customer support with extensive analytics access.

This is Livestream’s monthly pricing for their software in USD (billed annually) as of March 2021:

Livestream Pricing


GetResponse is mainly known on the market for email automation. But their offer also includes features to host webinars.

You can use their webinar invitation templates as well as customisable webinar URLs. This webinar provider works even better with a strong email list.

GetResponse offers different plan that get more expensive the more your email list grows. For the Plus Plan, you pay $49 USD monthly for a list of 1.000 contacts but $499 USD monthly for a list of 100.000 contacts.

This is GetResponse’s monthly pricing for their software in USD as of March 2021:

Getresponse Pricing


Express Virtual Meetings

Expressvirtualmeetings is another Australian provider that has their own platform for virtual events. They have a dedicated team that can help you get the best for your webinar.

With their platform, they offer custom branding, a capacity for up to 14,000 participants, a customised event registration, voting and polling solutions as well as pre-event support and dress rehearsal.

In terms of pricing, the information is not easily accessible and it’s better for you to get a quote from them but the price for a managed virtual event starts from $2,275 AUD as of March 2021.

Expressvirtualmeetings Pricing



Dreamcast is a main provider for live webinars with services that enable live streaming through Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and Instagram. They have need features that enable you to monetize your webinar easily while increasing data collection for you with post webinar feedback.

Their pricing structure is a bit obscure and there is no information available on the website. If you want to enquire about their services and get more information on prices, follow the link: https://www.dreamcast.net.au/getstarted.php


What’s in the price when you choose a webinar software?

When thinking about working with a webinar provider, you need to be very aware of your needs and goals. Since there are a lot of different providers out there that are more or less specialised in specific parts of what a webinar entails, you need to be clear of what a webinar will achieve for your brand.

As you saw in our listing of webinar providers, you have actors more focused on sales demo webinars, live streaming webinars, or generalists.

Like often, the higher the price the more support and consulting you will have to make sure your webinar goes according to plan.

Depending on your budget, you will either need to figure out how to stream your webinar by yourself or get the maximum support for the technology and just focus on the content. If you need to stream by yourself, we advise you to choose the platform that is the easiest to use.

Webinar Software Price

As you saw in the different plans published by the providers, the price you pay will also influence how many people you can stream to. The more you pay, the more attendees you can have in your webinar.

You also need to think about the frequency for your webinar streaming. Since most providers bill you monthly or annually, you need to be aware of the billing period.

What is the best webinar software?

This question is not easy to answer because it really depends on what you need and the level of support you want.

For high-quality, high-level support we would say Redback Connect and GoToWebinar are the providers with the most suitable offers.

For a general provider that will provide a high enough quality for your webinar, we would say the generalists like Zoom and WebinarNinja are the most suitable.