About Us

Welcome to the world of webinars – an online hub which is dedicated to inform, educate and inspire. While we’re all familiar with webinars and their many applications, there’s still so much we’re learning every day. From best practice to sponsorship and promoting your online events – the aim of this site is to provide you will all the information you need.

Who is this site for?

Looking to find inspiration on hosting your own webinars?

Are you presenting on a Redback Webinar and looking for tips on using the platform?

Either way – we have you covered. Our resource section contains informative downloadable content and annual reports; watch some of our on demand webinar recordings which cover a range of topics; and if you’re presenting on a Redback Webinar, head on over to our Presenter Centre for inspo on how to present like a pro.


Who is Redback Connect?

Redback Connect helps Australian and New Zealand organisations make distance obsolete by designing and delivering high quality digital events from concept to completion. From marketing and training applications to virtual conferences and professional broadcast studios, Redback combines the best and most innovative communications technology with reliable delivery, local support and exceptional customer service.

How do we help to create compelling online digital experiences that feel as effortless as they look?

  • End to end Management of your webinar program
  • Professional Online Presenter Training
  • High quality video production
  • Webinar Broadcast Studios based all around Australia
  • Consulting, advice and hand holding the entire way


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