Launch of the 2020 Redback Report


It’s a whole new world out there – who could have foreseen such a change in the virtual event landscape in the year since we last conducted the research for our annual Redback Report?

Our annual Redback survey is complete. Now in its eighth year, the Redback Report uncovers attendee preferences when it comes to online meetings and events. The results of the report are invaluable for those looking to host successful webinars, virtual conferences and online events.

Discussion Points will include:

  • More of us are watching webinars ‘live’ – how can you take advantage of this as an event organiser
  • Tuesday and Wednesday are the preferred days to join a webinar – how are you scheduling your webinars?
  • The majority of respondents prefer interactive panels or moderated discussions – how are you mixing up the format of your events?
  • Tips to get more from your Virtual Events in 2021




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