VIDEO: Presenting from a studio? Watch this first!

Our 4 tips for presenting in our studios

We are happy to welcome you in our dedicated webinar studios. Watch those 4 essential tips for your webinar studio presentation. Those tips will ensure you maximise your time with us and engage your online audience.

Tip #1: Come in early

Our first tip is to come early to our studios in order to get familiarise yourself with your surroundings and get comfortable. We recommend to come to our studios as early as 45 minutes before the beginning. Don’t worry, we will give you coffee, water or tea to get you comfortable.

Tip #2: Consider your wardrobe

How you dress for your webinar is important since you physically represent your business during the webinar. When dressing for a studio webinar, you also need to consider the setup in the studio. Since, we often work with green screens during the recording, we obviously recommend NOT wearing green on the day. From our experience, we would also advise you not to wear clothes with patterns or stripes. Stick to block colours and the camera will be able to focus better. Finally, avoid wearing heavy jewellery.

Tip #3: Send us your slides

If you are planning on using slides for your webinar, we advise you to send us the slides ahead of time. When doing this, we can make sure to upload your slides to the platform. Thanks to our TV’s and screens in the studio, you will be able to see those slides while recording your webinar.

Tip #4: Taking questions during your webinar

If you are planning to make an interactive webinar and plan on taking questions, we’ve got you covered. Your dedicated event technician will provide you with an ipad to take questions and view poll results. They will walk you through how to use it once you arrive.

Tip #5: Ask to submit questions in advance

Asking your attendees to submit video questions before the webinar and integrate them to your Q&A session. This allows to make your webinar more interactive by playing user generated content in your webinar.